Monday, September 17, 2012

Accounts of Saul and David

While I'm beyond the historical account of Saul in this year's daily reading, I'm still in the midst of David.  Unfortunately, losing power for a week during Hurricane Isaac this year has had me playing catch-up with a variety of tasks, including this.  It's a brief message, but one I found helpful.  If you've read through or studied Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, you'll note that a lot of the information there contained seems to be in "duplicate" or, perhaps, contrary to one another.  While Chronicles is based on the earlier written Samuel and Kings (and often quotes directly from these), the two accounts (that in Samuel-Kings and that in Chronicles) tells the history from different perspectives.

The perspectives are often described as "prophetic" (Samuel-Kings) and "priestly" (Chronicles).  Samuel and Kings emphasize the prophets and prophecy while Chronicles is more concerned with the temple and its priests.  The scheduled reading of the Bible I followed last year ( had me reading these accounts in parallel.  The schedule used in my "new" Chronological Study Bible NKJV (copyright 2008 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.) instead divides the two accounts so that I've been reading the prophetic account now and will move into the priestly account soon.

Whatever labels you may put on the various books, whatever order you may read the books in matters less that reading for understanding and allowing God to move in your world.