Tuesday, May 29, 2012


For me, Revelation is definitely the most challenging book in the entire Bible and I believe I'm not alone in this.  The events described therein haven't happened yet and, therefore, are subject to innumerable interpretations by both renowned scholars and "hacks" alike.  I'm also challenged by the various descriptions of the "characters" in this book.  If you google "revelation images" and look at the images that are returned, I think you'll be overwhelmed as I am.  Nonetheless, I'm keeping up with completing this reading, praying that someday it'll all be clear to me.

In the meanwhile, here's some historic context to this book:

  • the author of the book is the apostle John who is also credited with the gospel bearing his name and three of the epistles
  • it is agreed that this is not only the final book in the Bible but also the final book written
  • Revelation portrays the "final" end to God's plan
  • John "simply" reports all that is revealed to him
  • the number seven is prevalent in the book -- seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven scrolls, seven thunders, etc.   Seven is considered to represent fullness or completion (think way back to Genesis and how God created the world in seven days)
Whether you are passionate about prophecy or extremely hesitant and challenged by it (as I am!), I trust you will at least read through it.  God works in many ways and I hope that each time I read through Revelation I begin to learn and hopefully understand more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home Stretch!

For those of us who started reading through the Bible chronologically last June, we're in the home stretch!  Just one more month.  We're into what is perhaps more familiar to you than some of the Old Testament books -- Paul's Epistles.  What I'm finding interesting this time around in reading them is that the problems of the "old" church are so similar to the problems we see in today's church -- different denominations convinced they're doctrine is the "right" one, churches competing for membership, and, unfortunately, even sometimes fighting within a single church building.  It's discouraging to think that as simple as Jesus' command to "love your neighbor" that we're not so good at it.  I am thankful for the promises in the Bible which give me hope for the future -- either here on earth or home in heaven.

I have read through the entire Bible before, Genesis through Revelation.  This is the first time I've read it chronologically according to the "schedule" that was distributed in our church.  I'm planning to read through it again, starting anew in June.  Each time I read the book, something new is made clear to me.  So I'm looking forward another year!